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Dust Free Flooring

Hardwood Floor Restoration

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What makes us different


Have you dreamed of great looking floors, but were worried about the messy clean-up?

Dust Free Flooring, Inc. makes refinishing wood floors quick, affordable and painless.

Our 99% Dust Free Sanding Process. The wood is eliminated-trapped in our external vacuum before it ever gets a chance to mess up your home.

No toxic fumes!
Your home remains FREE of wood dust! No duct cleaning, no dusting, no sneezing. Environmentally Safe.

Living room in a modern villa
We service all Chicago Area and suburbs.


-Dustless floor sanding
-Floor refinishing
-Floor sanding
-Flooring installation
-Wood floor staining
-Wood finishing
-Wood floor installation
-Wood finishing
-Prefinished flooring installation
-Laminate flooring install
-Vinyl flooring install
-Engineered flooring installation
-Staircase refinishing and install
-Staircase railing installation, stair treads
-Repairs, re-coating, buffing

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